Steps You Must Follow For A Carpet Cleaning

Steps You Must Follow For A Carpet Cleaning

Whenever we talk about Carpet cleaning people get irritated by its name only. Well, we do understand it is very common to happen as Carpet cleaning is a very tough time consuming, or long procedure to do. Making time from your busy schedule must be too tough for you. In that case you go for other options like hiring professional Carpet cleaning to clean your carpets on behalf of you which is a good decision. But professional carpet cleaners charge a lot of money which must be not so pocket friendly for you. What you can do to clean your carpets question mark?

Don’t worry, in this article we will provide you with some Carpet cleaning steps by which you will be able to clean your carpets properly and maintain their beauty for a long time. A well-cleaned carpet remains dirt or bacteria-free. So without wasting any more time let’s see what are the Carpet cleaning steps to clean the carpets.

Carpet cleaning steps
Carpet cleaning steps

Carpet cleaning steps

Step 1: Moving The Furniture

If you do clean your carpet regularly but still you don’t get a result then the major reason for not getting results from regular cleaning is that you don’t clean the furniture area. You should always move your furniture or clean the areas properly. What happens when you don’t clean the underneath part of your furniture the dirt or germs keep lurking there. So, it is very mandatory that you move your furniture a bit from their place and clean the area properly.

Step 2: Vacuum The Room

Vacuuming is an important part of cleaning. Vacuuming daily keeps debris, dirt, or germs away from your carpets. A vacuum can remove all the loose dirt from your carpet like fallen hairs or dry soil. So you must vacuum your carpets regularly.

Step 3: Pre-treatment

If you have stains on your carpets that are not so hard you deal with then tree treating your carpet will be enough to remove them. It includes the less harmful or effective cleaning solutions which eliminate some stains.

Step 4: Read The Machine Instructions

For carpet cleaning, if you have bought any cleaning machine. Then, one of the most important carpet cleaning steps is that you need to read the user manual of the carpet cleaning machine which you have bought. Read the user manual very carefully and properly, so that you can use the machine correctly by adjusting its settings according to your need.

Step 5: Start The Cleaning Process

Now, the main carpet cleaning company is here. After you follow or complete the above carpet cleaning steps you need to start the cleaning process. The cleaning process also has the right technique to do, you should do the cleaning in a straight line with back and forward motion. Do make sure that you don’t leave a single inch of your carpet. 

Step 6: Dry The Carpet

The next carpet cleaning step is that you need to dry up your carpets properly. The wet carpet is a magnet for dust and you can’t even walk on your carpets until they get dry. So, for drying your carpets allow the air to come inside your home by opening the windows, and also you can switch on your ceiling fans.

Step 7: Disengaging The Machine

Well, this is the last carpet cleaning step you need to take to disengage the machine. You need to empty the water tank of the machine before you store it.


So, these are the 7 carpet cleaning steps by following which you will be able to clean your carpets properly and efficiently. Make an appointment with our professionals.